Under the guidance of Prof. Claudio Manfredotti, the Solid State Physics group of the University of Torino, Physics Department,started its activity in the early 1980s in the field of amorphous (a-Si:H) and crystalline (e.g. Si, CdTe) semiconductor materials, mainly for the fabrication of solar cells and ionization radiation detectors.
In the course of these three decades, the group has gradually extended its field of interest to the study of micro/nano-structured materials and devices and to the development of new experimental techniques for the characterization and modification of advanced materials and/or art objects.
Now, the group is working on the following main research topics:

Upcoming Events

From 30 march 2020

To update the group on progress in our research lines, and to react to the possible depression induced by the forced stop of our scientific activities caused by the health emergency, the solid state physics group organizes a series of brief colloquia (30 min), given by the group members or from researchers of other institutions on topics spanning from material science, to quantum technologies, from biosensing, to cultural heritage.
Seminars will be given in English and addressed to a non-specialist audience; thesis, graduate and undergraduate students are welcome.
Colloquia are conducted through the Webex platform; the calendar of the seminars with the links to connect to the virtual room are available in the table herebelow.
h. 17.00
Aula A,
Pia, Greggio
Presentazione tesi Laurea in Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali
h. 16.30
Aula A,
Costa, Russo, Re, Tuninetti, Fumero. Chiurazzi
Presentazione tesi Laurea in Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali


1 November
Our group contributes to Festival della Scienza 2021 with the event "Una TAC per mappare le opere d'arte". Alessandro Re and Laura Guidorzi, together with colleagues Alessandra Patera (INFN) and Chiara Ricci (CCR "La Venaria Reale"), will present an overview of the applications of Computed Tomography (CT) to cultural heritage, from the state of the art to future perspectives."
04-07 May 2021
Our research group actively collaborates to the organization of the online training workshop "IAEA Training Workshop on Ion beam Driven Materials Engineering: New Roles for Accelerators in Quantum Technologies" organized by the International Agency for Atomic Energy. This training workshop is one of the outputs of the IAEA F11020 Coordinated Research Project "Ion beam induced spatio-temporal structural evolution of materials: Accelerators for a new technology era" in which the group is actively involved.