Upcoming Events

2nd workshop "Diamond & New Technologies"

Technological Applications of Artificial Diamond

Tuesday 16th September 2014, h. 9.00
Aula Avogadro, Istituto di Fisica, Via P. Giuria 1, Torino

Workshop COMSOL

22 Settembre 2014, , h. 10.00/h. 14.00
Aula B, Dipartimento di Fisica, via P. Giuria 1, Torino

Seminario gratuito dedicato alla simulazione multifisica e alla modellazione termofluidodinamica ed elettromagnetica.
I partecipanti potranno installare sul proprio laptop una licenza temporanea dell'ultima versione di COMSOL Multiphysics ed esercitarsi a usare il software con il supporto dello staff COMSOL.


"Superconducting levitation"

A home-made video produced in the solid state physics Laboratory by M. Truccato and A. Pagliero.

In the framework of the Galileo program, the Università Italo-Francese approved a research project submitted by Jacopo Corsi and Alessandro Lo Giudice in collaboration with the Université d'Orleans and several Italian museums. The funded project entitled "Ancient silver coinages between the Po and Rhone rivers " deals with the characterization of ancient silver coins circulating during Iron age between the two sides of the Alps. Iron age coins from northern Italy have already been analysed by the Solid State Physics Group at the ISIS spallation source (UK), where the Communication and Media Department published an article about this research.


Under the guidance of Prof. Claudio Manfredotti, the Solid State Physics group started its activity in the early 1980s in the field of amorphous (a-Si:H) and crystalline (e.g. Si, CdTe) semiconductor materials, mainly for the fabrication of solar cells and ionization radiation detectors.
In the course of these three decades, the group has gradually extended its field of interest to the study of micro/nano-structured materials and devices and to the development of new experimental techniques for the characterization and modification of advanced materials and/or art objects.
At the moment, the group is working on the following main research topics: